Recirculate has been established by 3 corporate entities
Bouygues Energies & Services 

A leader in energy, digital and industrial transformation.


A market leading investment manager focused on Infrastructure.


A whole life leader of major infrastructure and property projects with societal impact.

These businesses work together with numerous schools, hospitals, prisons and other public sector infrastructure around the UK and internationally. The project leverages the extended corporate network to source unwanted products, upcycle them and provide them to key workers and others who will benefit most – donate, renovate, locate

How It Works

Recirculate is on a mission to reduce waste and increase sustainability across our corporate network. To date, 155 bikes and 20 laptops have been handed over to NHS staff and children in need. More bikes will be handed over this Spring, 600 desks are currently being re-manufactured ready for schools in Peterborough, 200 desks for schools in Lewisham and digital projectors are going to schools in Kent.

The bikes are donated by staff and partners and other sources, renovated by prisoners in bike workshops in HMP Aylesbury and HMP Peterborough, and located with NHS staff or children in need. We work with a number of hospitals in London - West Middlesex, North Middlesex, Central Middlesex - John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, Southmead Hospital in Bristol and Peterborough City Hospital.

Donated equipment is renovated, where required, and located with the above hospitals and schools. 




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